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The Chemex method is one of the most elegant ones in the history of coffee. Sinuous and beautifully designed, it was invented in 1941 by a German chemist - Peter J.Schlumbohm - living in New York. Currently you can find it exhibited at MoMa, one of the most important museums in the world. It is considered the symbol of slow coffee, an ideal companion for fresh autumn mornings and future winter ones. To be sipped slowly, while reading a book, having a chat or in during a Sunday brunch, its round shape releaseing an intense and fragrant aromatic bouquet. Here are the most important steps to follow: - wet the paper filter with hot water before adding the coffee - add 15 grams of coffee (quantity for two people) - pour 30 grams of water at a temperature of 92/94 degrees to carry out the pre-infusion - wait 30 seconds and then restart, always making slow circular movements until reaching 250 grams of water. And now? All that remains is to enjoy the magic! ... See MoreSee Less

V60 because it takes the shape of the object: a V-shaped cone with an angle of 60 degrees. It is said that it was invented by a housewife in Germany who one day used the sheet of paper from her son's school notebook to filter coffee. The drink obtained from this extraction method has little residue, is very clean and has a slight body. In addition, it greatly enhances the aromatic vastness of the coffee. In some ways it is like drinking tea. We recommend that you arm yourself with a scale and a chronometer and then start: - wet the filter to remove hints of paper that could interfere with the taste - add 15 grams of coffee and start pouring water at a temperature of 92/93 degrees to reach 30 grams (this procedure is called pre-infusion) - resume after the first thirty seconds by continuing to pour water and making slow and circular movements up to 240/250 grams. ... See MoreSee Less

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